Real Estate Financing Training
State Approved CE Course

Texas and Louisiana 2 hr CE Credit Classes
Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and Tennessee 3 hr CE Credit Classes
Offered in Texas by the RECE School Provider # 10141

Course Description
Agents will learn how to use finance to bring greater value to their clients. The more value given, the more success the agent receives. Finance can be a tool to help increase production. The real estate business is changing at an ever-faster pace. Agents need to prepare for future changes. The knowledge they will gain from this course will help them achieve their production goals.

Agents will learn:
  1. Four ways to obtain property
  2. Three loan types to finance with
  3. Who and what determines interest rates
  4. What is a rate buy down
  5. What is a FICO Score
  6. How to increase buying power
  7. How interest rates effects the qualifying loan amount
  8. How closing cost effects a purchase
  9. How cost vary from loan program to loan program and lender to lender
  10. Pre-qualification vs. credit approval
  11. Fees associated with a mortgage
  12. Good Faith Estimate vs. Closing Disclosure
  13. Responsibilities of the parties in a real estate transaction
  14. Loan options for the buyer and seller
  15. New Marketing tips.
Bonus: 5 ways to accelerate a mortgage to save future interest and thousands of dollars for your client.