Real Estate Financing Training
State Approved CE Course

Texas and Louisiana 2 hr CE Credit Classes
Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and Tennessee 3 hr CE Credit Classes

Course Description
Agents will learn how to use finance to bring greater value to their clients. The more value given, the more success the agent receives. Finance can be a tool to help increase production. The real estate business is changing at an ever-faster pace. Agents need to prepare for future changes. The knowledge they will gain from this course will help them achieve their production goals.

Agents will learn:
  1. Four ways to obtain property
  2. Three loan types to finance with
  3. Who and what determines interest rates
  4. What is a rate buy down
  5. What is a FICO Score
  6. How to increase buying power
  7. How interest rates effects the qualifying loan amount
  8. How closing cost effects a purchase
  9. How cost vary from loan program to loan program and lender to lender
  10. Pre-qualification vs. credit approval
  11. Fees associated with a mortgage
  12. Good Faith Estimate vs. Closing Disclosure
  13. Responsibilities of the parties in a real estate transaction
  14. Loan options for the buyer and seller
  15. New Marketing tips.
Bonus: 5 ways to accelerate a mortgage to save future interest and thousands of dollars for your client.