Workforce Housing Specialist Training
State Approved CE Course

Louisiana 2 hr CE Credit Classes
Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and Tennessee 3 hr CE Credit Classes
Not offered in Texas by the RECE School

Course Description
Agents completing this course will be able to procure referral relationships from businesses. This course provides agents a good knowledge of mortgage loan products to enhance buyer purchase opportunities. Agents will learn of the tools and techniques available to reach Business Owners, HR Directors and Personnel Directors to procure a referral relationship for employees needing housing.

Agents will learn about producing health and housing fairs for the public, government and business. These events will allow the agent to discuss housing questions on a one to one basis while establishing long term referral partners with the public and private sectors.

After completion of this course, agents will be able to assist employees desiring housing to locate and purchase a home that is obtainable, sustainable and convenient. With the skills learned in this course, agents will be able to obtain referral partners in business and industry. They will be able to respond to housing request from local or relocating employees.

Through an agreement with the Workforce Housing Alliance.US, Inc, a non-profit 501 (c)(3) housing organization, agents completing this course will be certified as a “Workforce Housing Specialist” and will be able to use that term in their advertising and marketing.